ARELPAN - W Drawer Type MCC Panels Panel systems have been designed to meet the requirements of industrial facilities, power plants, iron and steel production facilities and petrochemical facilities, refinery and treatment facilities in accordance to IEC standards. ARELPAN-C Panels have been tested by KEMA Independent LABs in Prague to ensure user safety as a priority. ARELPAN-C Panels, passing the tests successfully, were awarded with IEC 61439-1 & 2 Kema Full Type Test Certification.

ARELPAN-W Withdrawable MCC Panels


Quarter SIZE

Quarter SIZE





IEC 61439-1 & 2 Type Test Certificate in KEMA Labs

IEC 61439-1 & 2 Type Test Certificate in KEMA Labs


CONNECT-(Power Contact are Closed)
DISCONNECT-(Power Contact are Opened)
TEST-(Control Circuit Can Be Tested)

Fraunhofer - Institute Germany laboratories

Contact modules was developed with Fraunhofer - Institute Germany laboratories

plug and run
plug and run

630 A, Form 4b, IP41, 65kA

Engine Control up to 300kW

It is equipped with MECHANICAL INTERLOCK devices against operator errors.

Energized bus-bar insulating against to bare hand touching with automated bus-bar shutting system (Shutter system)

It is possible to move power contacts when cables of power circuit is stable (Power cables should not be moved to avoid cable breaks.)

There is PLUG & RUN system that enables Drawers to plug in and take out to the panel, by switching on/off their connections to energized main bus-bar. This process is applicable by each drawer modules as they are independent from each other.

Phases between the vertical bus-bar section are fully insulated. It proves perfect protection even against strong dynamic loads.

It passed ARK SAFETY test in accredited test laboratories

Contact points are self-cleaning type when turning them ON position, thus no maintenance is required.

Mechanical coding is available, thus errors in different drawer type units are avoided (optional).


Rated Current, In

6300 A

Bus-bar Short-term Withstand Current, Icw


Protection Class                                                               



Up to form 4b

Mechanical Impact Resistance

IK 10

Standard Color

RAL 7035, Elektrostatik

Carcass Material Type


Distribution System


Operating Voltage, Ue

Up to 690 V

Impact Resistance Voltage, Uimp

8kV / 12kV

Operating Isolation Voltage, Ui

1000 V

Bus-bar Peak Withstand Current, Ipk

264 kA

Ambient Temperature

35 C (24h)

Forms Of Seperation in LV Panels
IP and IK Protection Technicals

Strong Profile Structure

Modular Mechanical Assembly Units

Mounting Types are Available For All Brands

2 mm Galvanized Steel, RAL 7035 Colour

Stylish and Arty Outlook

Innovative Pressure Contact

Innovative Pressure Contact

Modular and Functional Design
plug and run

PLUG & RUN securely with High Protection Contact Modules against ARC ERRORS!

Each contact is insulated between the phases and against the earth. In case of overload, the ionized gases can’t short-circuit the two phases or with the earth.

It provides the most economical quotation with the most appropriate dimensions according to the needs of your facility thanks to drawer units in different sizes.

arelpan w

Safety is a must!

Master switch can only be activated when the door is closed

It is possible to PLUG & RUN when master switch and units are disconnected

It is possible to PLUG & RUN when there is energy in main bus-bars as units are independent of each other

Mechanical coding is available, thus errors are avoided in different drawer type units (optional)

It is equipped with strong MECHANICAL INTERLOCK devices against operator errors