AR Elektrik has been founded by a highly experienced team for electromechanical assembly of medium and low voltage electric panels in 1997. Over time, AR Elektrik improved its skills by the help of experiences gained from different sectors and applications.

Today, AR Elektrik is proud to celebrating 15th years in the sector. We keep going to provide our products and services with the best Quality and Value.

As a service and manufacturing based electrical contrator we provide panel manufacturing, installations and applications in the residential, industrial and commercial fields. We continue our activities with 50 persons of expert staff in 2000 m2 indoor area 500 m2 open area facility by TSE-60439-1 standarts and ISO9001:2008 quality management system.

We bring the most value to a project when our participation starts with the earliest design phases. We have extensive electrical design-build experience and we can recommend creative approaches which may save money and shorten project schedule. Furthermore, we are glad to bring our expertise to your project at any stage and anytime in order to save your money and time.

Positive or negative, taking into account all the feedback received from the customers, quality and compliance with international standards, strengthen the condition, has been adopted as the main purpose to increase the use of technology and production goals.

AR Elektrik continues its services with sectoral experience as stronger day by day.

Our Vision
Over the years, the energy required to meet the growing demand for energy generation, transmission, distribution and consumption of all processes up to the continuous, we work to offer high quality and international standard products, solutions and services. In doing this, we act with environmental awareness, use our resources in manufacturing and service processes as eco-friendly.

Our employees are the most important fact which adds value to AR Elektrik. We know that the quality work is done by a qualified team and select our team accordingly. We also care about the development of our employees and keep continue the trainings to do this as well. When doing business with both our customers and suppliers, acting by ethical rules is our basic principal. As a result of these guidelines, we continue our structuring in order to be well-known and sought after enterprise in domestic and overseas markets.

Our Mission
Particularly, by winning customer satisfaction and confidence, making a principal to offer the products and solutions that you need as fast, high quality and reasonable price range, our main objectives are;
• To provide, high quality products and solutions to ensure compliance with the standards that serves to purpose of our customers. In addition, to respond to the specific application and needs.
• To provide, permanent and long-term portfolio services.
• To provide, technical support for pre-sales and after sales.
• Prepare the projects and to make solution partnership.
• To provide, design, assembly and R&D support.
• To provide, cost effective products and soultions.
• Follow up the technology and innovation and adapt to our products.

Pre-sales and after-sales, our customers can ensure compliance with requirements related to changes in AR Electric’s employees have the philosophy of customer satisfaction and our work is made possible by being customer-focused.

As AR ELEKTRİK, we take firm steps forward to the future with self-confidence based on information and know-how of more than 20 years.

We have always regarded institutionalization culture that we learned while we were doing business with the most prominent global companies as an asset more important than money and we get more in return. We have adopted the principle of meeting rising demand through investment supply.

Every year we participate in international exhibitions and thus continue to follow innovations in the industry. We strive to make our company ready for the future aware of the critical importance of technology. Thus, we continuously improve our products for our customers and offer competitive, technological and innovative solutions. We adorn our products with the test documents received from best global laboratories.

With the principles of being reconciliatory, hard-working and researcher, we pull out all the stops keeping the excitement on the first day of the project and we enjoy our work when the project is accomplished successfully.

We accomplish projects each more difficult than other in almost every continent of the world. I'd like to thank firstly to our Customers who always trusted and supported us in this ongoing adventure. I'd also like to thank our Suppliers for their co-operation and each member of the AR Elektrik team.

We still have a long way to go and more tasks to accomplish with our youthful vigor...

Yours respectfully
Ramazan GÖL

  • 1997
  • 2000
    First Big Contact With TEİAŞ Project
  • 2006
    First Contract w/ ABB
  • 2007
    ISO 9001:2008 Certification
  • 2008
    First Contract w/ Siemens
  • 2009
    First Export
  • 2010
    TSE Type Test Certification
  • 2013
    Founding of Test & Commisioning Department
  • 2014
    First Participation on International Fair
  • 2015
    Eaton Licensed Panelbuilder Certification
  • 2019
    ARELPAN-C 6300A , Form4b , 100kA , 1sec , IP41, IEC 61439-2&1 KEMA FULL TYPE TEST CERTIFICATE

is to ensure electrical panel assembly, project design, material sale and application tasks performed in line with objectives determined in the most accurate way and in accordance with international regulations

To understand customer needs and expectations in the best way and to offer solutions,

to work in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 Quality Management System, to finish the assigned service at the committed criteria and on time,

to adopt continuous improvement as our basic philosophy not being satisfied with just maintaining our current level,

to conduct training programs for the development of employees,

to work as a team

AR ELEKTRİK management commits that this policy shall be communicated and made clear to all employees.

The motto of AR Elektrik is “Respect and keep the environment clean” and along with that Our Commitment;

to continually improve our environmental performance and to make sustainable contributions to our operations and to the society,

To comply with the Requirements of ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems in all our activities

To draw up action plans in order to accomplish our objectives, to continuously improve and monitor our performance;

To act in line with sustainable development approaches in product development, production, distribution and implementation phases, in order to minimize the impacts on human health and environment and to limit the amount of possible waste;

constitutes our Main Policy.

AR ELEKTRİK management commits that this policy shall be communicated and made clear to all employees.


The Occupational Health and Safety Policy adopted by AR Elektrik is based on respect for people and the environment in which they live in.

We undertake as our OHS policy; to take all precautions in accordance with the OHS regulations in force and other OHS-related requirements and ISO 9001: 18001 standards, to make tools and personal protective equipment available and to ensure that they are used when necessary in order to ensure the health and safety of employees working in workplace and add-ons, subcontractors, visitors and company employees working outside the workplace,

to train our employees in the field of occupational health and safety and to ensure that they are well aware of occupational health and safety,

To foresee possible cases in the future from today, to provide continuous improvement and to review our situation by taking into consideration the development of the industrial world,

to ensure the continuity of our OHS Management System established and executed in this direction.


Our Address Information

Akşemsettin, Nadide Sk. No:19
34925 Sultanbeyli / İstanbul

Our Contact Information

Tel:+90 216 660 08 90
Fax:+90 216 660 08 89

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